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To Manufacturers and Distributors and their Representatives promoting their products, If you are interested in presenting at one of our monthly meetings, and to confirm your speaking engagement, we need these items to promote your presentation on our communications:

  1. The Date they wish to reserve to speak at a meeting
  2. The title of their presentation
  3. Speaker's Name
  4. A Brief description of info covered
  5. confirmation of the AIA credits-- registered course number or certificate/flyer with AIA CEU logo etc.

For more information look at one of our past event listings at, See Chapter Schedule on the Left Menu. The speaker promises to take care of recording the classes with AIA, etc.

Our 2011 season is booked, please contact the Program Chair if you wish to reserve a monthly meeting for the 2011-2012 season.

Seminar Registration Assistance:
If you want us to help you get one of your courses registered with the Florida Contractors Licensing Board, Florida Board of Professional Engineers, AIA, or other, we also need to get:

  1. Speaker Bio
  2. Powerpoint of the presentation/seminar
  3. And reimbursement from you to pay for filling fees with each agency (Mike Starks, Certification Chair knows more about this) 

Then we can submit if we have sufficient time before the meeting, many of these boards take 2 months before they review and if rejected for missing info will take 2 more months for confirmation.


Our chapter has annually offered a few Breakfast seminars which we promote as FREE to the architects in the area, providing two one hour presentations with CEU's to help architects get their annually required continuing education for each license renewal. We have had attendance between 35 and 50 architects attend these breakfasts, often depending on the interest in a given topic. To do this we need to cover our costs with the hotel, where we hold them. We provide the promotion through our email data base. We have always held them at the Best Western Mount Vernon Inn, 100 S. Orlando Avenue (US 17/92) Winter Park, Florida 32789. They usually run from 7am to 9:30am. We have done this two ways.

  1. The manufacturer/presenter picks up the whole cost of the breakfast, about $15 per person, and sometimes an additional room use fee. We can schedule this any Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday morning, please contact us if interested.
  2. The other way has been to find 6 to 8 manufacturers who wish to sponsor the event and split the cost, each gets a table on the side of the banquet room, and 5 minutes to present what they have at their table, for the architects to stop by during the intermission or after the presentations for one on one discussions.

We try to vary the seminar topics at the chapter meetings, so we don't have more than one presentation on a topic, like roofing, in any one year.

We typically get a different crowd at our breakfasts, so this doesn't apply to the Breakfasts.

We try not to have two competing manufacturers at any one breakfast, to avoid confrontations, when we have had 6 to 8 manufacturers around the room at tables.

Please contact the Program Chair: Gregory Stock for more information.

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